FRANKENSTEIN: A Living Comic Book

Produced by Kidoons and Geordie Theatre in association with WYRD Productions and The 20K Collective. Executive Producer – Jeff Lord

This electrifying new production of Frankenstein uses immersive comic book design and playful theatrical techniques to reanimate the sci-fi classic for a new generation! Frankenstein is the third in the “connection” trilogy of high-tech classics from Kidoons. Co-created by Rick Miller, Craig Francis and Paul Van Dyck, this streaming version adapts the novel to confront modern issues of climate change, artificial intelligence and our relationship to technology… monsters of our own making! When a young graphic novelist geek named Mary discovers the journal of Dr. Victor Frankenstein, she’s drawn into his uncanny story of secret experiments to conquer death. She discovers that we all need to face our own fears… before they face us!

With its mashup of cinematic and animation techniques, and its skilled performances, this Frankenstein is incredibly engaging to watch. It also introduces young audiences to art, science, and navigating emotional heights and depths.

By Craig Francis and Rick Miller and Paul Van Dyck
Adapted from the novel by Mary Shelley
Directed by Craig Francis and Rick Miller
Produced by Kidoons and Geordie Theatre in association with WYRD Productions and The 20K Collective. Executive Producer – Jeff Lord

VICTOR FRANKENSTEIN and others – Vlad Alexis
THE CREATURE and others – Eloi Archam Baudoin
MARY and others – Rosie Callaghan

Multimedia Design & Animation – Irina Litvinenko
Sound Design and Composition – Richard Feren
Original Song – Music by Rick Miller, Lyrics by Rick Miller and Craig Francis
Mask Design – Mathieu René / Créaturiste
Illustrations – Craig Francis, Irina Litvinenko
Video Editing – Rick Miller
Post Production – Kidoons
William puppet designed by Zach Fraser
Stage Manager – Trevor Barrette
Filmed at Espace Geordie / Geordie Space in Montréal, Canada

Kidoons and WYRD Productions engage, under the terms of the Independent Theatre Agreement, professional Artists who are members of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association. Jungle Book is presented under the Reciprocal Agreement Between Actors' Equity Association of the United States and Canadian Actors' Equity Association.

Mike Payette
Kathryn Westoll
Rebecca Durocher, Espace Geordie
William puppet courtesy of Infinithéâtre
KATS: Kids And Then Some
Cheryle Hansen
Jason Knight
Dancemakers studio

Thanks to the incredible artists in our development workshops: James Kendal, Patrick Lavender, Rachel Cairns, Richard Clarkin, Mac Fyfe, Jamie Mac, Kaitlin Morrow, Danny Pagett, Andrew Robinson, Katie Ross-Leckie

Ontario Arts Council
OAC Recommender Grants for Theatre Creators – Factory Theatre
Canadian Actors' Equity Association (CAEA)
We acknowledge the support of the Canada Council for the Arts